About us


Who We Are?

Welcome to our rapidly growing company, specializing in the expert manufacturing of Hairnets and Beard Covers. We take pride in delivering top-notch products made from 100% Pure materials, with zero compromises on quality. Our strategic partnership with European manufacturers ensures unparalleled excellence within our industry.
Experience unmatched comfort with our High-Quality Hairnets, incorporating cutting-edge double elastic impregnation technology for added security and a snug fit. Our state-of-the-art new-generation packaging technology guarantees your order arrives in pristine condition, exceeding your expectations with every delivery.

Elevate your business with our premium Hairnets and Beard Covers, designed with passion and precision. Place your order today to elevate your standards and drive success.

Our Mission

The responsibility to make quality it's the best opportunity to prove reliability!

At our core, we embrace the responsibility of delivering the highest quality hairnets and beard covers as our guiding mission. We firmly believe that by steadfastly committing to excellence, we seize the best opportunity to prove our unwavering reliability.

What do we offer?

Bringing Quality Closer to You: Your Trusted Partner in Difficult Times!

At Iv&Ko LTD, we believe in being there for our clients whenever they need us. With our headquarters nestled in the heart of Kent, we are perfectly positioned to extend our reach and provide unparalleled support, especially during challenging times.

When you choose us, you gain more than just a supplier – you gain a reliable partner dedicated to your success. We understand that the unexpected can be daunting, and that's why we go the extra mile to ease your burden.

Our commitment to you goes beyond borders, and we take pride in delivering our top-quality products right to your doorstep. Say goodbye to expensive delivery fees and unforeseen Duty tax, as we ensure your orders are delivered swiftly and hassle-free, with no extra charges.

Premium Hairnets Designed for Your Convenience!

Our hairnets boast a sufficient size of 21'' (stretched size 54cm) and a thickness of 10-11GSM, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable coverage.

With our double elastic impregnation technology, you no longer need to layer two hairnets to secure your hair effectively. Our advanced design provides an unparalleled level of security, saving you time and effort while maintaining a professional look.

Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple hairnets and embrace the simplicity of our premium hairnets. Experience the difference between quality craftsmanship and innovative technology with each hairnet you wear.

Choose our Hairnet that prioritizes your comfort, streamlines your routine, and elevates your experience. Your convenience is our mission, and we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every strand!

Unbeatable Coverage and Protection: Hairnets and Beard Covers for Every Environment!

We bring you a winning combination of Hairnets and Beard Covers designed to offer unbeatable coverage and protection. Our products serve as an ideal barrier, safeguarding your facial hair in a wide range of environments. 

 With our products, you can confidently focus on your tasks, knowing that your facial hair remains securely contained, preventing loose hairs from escaping and ensuring a clean, professional appearance.

We are committed to providing premium hair containment solutions that exceed expectations. Embrace the confidence of superior coverage and the peace of mind that comes with optimal protection in any environment. 

  • Keep your hair out of your eyes and away from your work area
  • Stay comfortably on your Head as long as you need It
  • They are extremely comfortable for All-day Wearing
  • Easy To Put On
  • Comfort And Good Fit For All
  • Perfectly Fit Your Head
  • Suitable for all hairstyles- one size fits most
  • Lint Free, Non-toxic
      • Secure and Snug Fit
      • Enhanced Durability
      • All-Day Comfort
      • Effortless Slip-On
      • Extended Wear Support
      • Hygiene Assurance
      • Lint-Free and Non-Toxic
      • Wide Range of Applications